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Prenatal Classes

"Education breeds confidence.
Confidence breeds hope.
Hope breeds peace.


A quick search brings up an overwhelming amount of prenatal classes. There are Hypnobabies and HypnoBirthing classes, hospital childbirth education classes, doula-led birth classes, and the list goes on. Which is right for you? 

We understand that you are a busy and capable person. With a quick Google search, you can find answers to your parenting, pregnancy, and labour questions. We understand the simplicity of the internet, and we do not want to waste any of your time.

Our classes are designed with your needs in mind. 

We touch on Edmonton-specific birth information, giving you the chance to make your own decisions in regards to childbirth and parenting during the first few hours. 

We have a comprehensive packet of information for you to take home, with each page being easy to skim for the information you seek. 

We look forward to discovering more about your journey as you dig deep into the aspects of birth that matter most to you. 

Below you will find an outline of our classes and a link for registration. 

Our prices includes registration for one birthing individual and up to one support person. If you would like to bring an additional person, please contact us to discuss prices.

Preparing For Your Landmark Moments

2 hour birthing class


  • Birth Team Communication

  • Medical Pain Relief

  • Non-Medical Pain Relief

  • Comfort Measures

  • Positions for Labour & Birth

3 hour pregnancy class


  • Two hour class topics plus:

  • Organizing Your Birth Plan

  • Signs of Labour

  • Steps in Labour Progression

1 Day labour  class in Drayton Valley


  • Two and three hour topics plus:

  • Packing Your Birth Bag

  • Common Pregnancy Conditions & Relief

  • Medical Interventions

  • The First Hour with Baby

Because Birth is a Landmark Moment

Private customized prenatal education


Build your birth class off the topics that you find most important, and divulge in a deep conversation with your partner and your educator in the comforts of your home.

Semi-Private baby classes


Invite a few expecting friends into your home to laugh and connect, while learning about your upcoming childbirth experience. Choose your date– and register for this fun and interactive class. 

Take control of your landmark moment with the personalized
knowledge and support of your landmark doula.


Serving Edmonton to Drayton Valley
& surrounding areas