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Grandparent Classes

"Young people need something stable to hang onto-
A culture connection,
A sense of their own past,
A hope for their own future.
Most of all, 
They need what grandparents can give them"

Jay Kesler

They have prepared a nice dinner, and are expecting you at any moment. Excitement is in the air as they prepare the surprise of a lifetime. You pull into the driveway and your  son-in-law meets you at the door as your daughter pulls dinner out of the oven. Laughter is in the air as you all sit down to eat, and then the best gift in the world is announced. 

You are about to become grandparents!

Becoming a Grandma or Grandpa is one of the greatest gifts your children can bestow upon you. 

Join us in our customized grandparents class, created to bring you closer to other people awaiting the birth of their own grandchildren. Prepare to support your children through their journey into parenthood by learning how parenting has changed in the wake of the internet, the latest on infant sleep, feeding, and care, and how to be the best parent and grandparent you can be.

Because Becoming a Grandparent is a Landmark Moment

The Landmark Difference

At Landmark Doulas, we believe in celebrating life! Without you, we wouldn't be where we are today and our educators cannot wait to hear the history of how you raised your children.


Together we will have a refresher course on infant feeding, swaddling, and safe sleep. We will touch base on the latest in research on infant safety, and we will discuss how social media and the internet has changed how parents choose to raise their babies.

Let's discover ways for you to be the best grandparents you can be. 

  • Share your parenting memories

  • Learn about the latest research in newborn care

  • Experience current parenting techniques

  • Connect with other expecting grandparents

  • Freshen up on your newborn care skills

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Take control of your landmark moment with the personalized
knowledge and support of your landmark doula.


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