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Postpartum & Infant Care Doulas

"May you touch dragonflies & stars,
Dance with fairies & talk to the moon.
May you grow up with love & gracious hearts
& people who care.
Welcome to the world little one.
It's been waiting for you."


You have been preparing for this moment for a long time. You've chosen the perfect crib, and nursery décor as you dreamt about walking through your front door with your baby.

But what now? 

What kind of blankets should I use? Is it better to have button or zipper sleepers? How can he possibly still be hungry? Am I feeding her enough? Does this baby's poop look right? Am I ever going to sleep again?!  

No amount of parenting classes, books, or Google searches can prepare you for the vibrant personality that is this little person. It is an exciting, yet trying discovery experience. 

Welcoming your postpartum and infant care doula into your home during those first few months is like having a personal best friend, an easy-to-read encyclopedia, and an individualized Siri rolled into one awesome human being. 

A postpartum doula reaches beyond the expertise of your local neighbourhood night nurse or night nanny. Their extensive training and continuing education ensures your entire family is well taken care of as you all learn your new roles within the family. 

We provide you with infant care, giving you the space to have an uninterrupted nap, head out for a yoga session, eat with two hands, or have a relaxing bath. When the adults of the household are rested and taken care of, they have the opportunity to grow into the best parents they can be. Extra sleep for you means you will have more patience with your newborn.

Learn how to wrap the perfect swaddle, recognize sleep and hunger cues from day one, and build a strong bond as a new family. An Edmonton doula's job isn't complete until you are a powerhouse of information on your newborn. 

Take a moment to imagine coming home and having your doula there for you. Imagine surrendering to a nap and waking up feeling refreshed, with the smell of your favorite dessert in the air. The house feels calm and relaxed as you come out to find your baby sleeping peacefully. 

Your family has grown! Let's celebrate these Landmark Moments by being rested and confident about your parenting choices. 

With our team of doulas serving beyond the Edmonton limits, you are guaranteed to receive the support you seek in the surrounding areas of Fort Saskatchewan, Sherwood Park, Beaumont, Leduc, Devon. Spruce Grove, and all the way to Drayton Valley. 

Are you looking for a specific support package? Our doulas are available for you through: 

Night Support. Our night doulas work diligently to support your infant feeding choices create a plan with you to ensure you get a full night's sleep. 

Day Support. With packages designed with you in mind, choose the number of daytime hours you would like your doula to be with you. From 5 hours to 17 hours, you can find the perfect package for you. 

Around the Clock Support. Our most common package comes with 72 uninterrupted hours of care. Arrive home with your doula waiting to join you, and enjoy the luxuries of having your personal expert ready to give you their all. 

Looking for more than 72 hours of continuous care? We will facilitate a team of doulas to take around-the-clock shifts to suit your needs. 

Let's rock your postpartum together!

Because Bringing baby Home is a Landmark Moment

The Landmark Difference 


You just brought your baby home, and your family deserves to experience total bliss. By hiring Edmonton's best postpartum and infant care doulas, you can feel comfortable in your pursuit of happiness. 

Let's celebrate! From stepping in the door on your first day home– to watching them learn to crawl, their milestones are your Landmark Moments. 

What do you need? A full night's sleep? Some meal prep help? A bath and nap? Tips on baby care? Help setting up the nursery or baby items? We can help with that!

  • Our doulas are available to you when you need them. Whether that be 4 hours a week or 24 hours a day, we can help you design the perfect schedule for your needs.

  • A well-rested family is a happy family. Let our doulas hang out with your children while you grab a nap to recharge.

  • Our overnight doulas care for your baby while you catch a full night's sleep. Worried about your breastfeeding relationship? Our doulas are skilled at understanding the benefits and how to create a plan to maximize your sleep without harming your milk supply.

  • The missing ingredient in many new family's lives is self-care. Head to your yoga class, have a date night, go for a walk, read a book, have a long bath. Our postpartum doulas will help you find your new normal routine. 

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Take control of your landmark moment with the personalized
knowledge and support of your landmark doula.


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