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Birth Doulas

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Your Birth Experience...

...In the Hospital

In Edmonton, we have amazing medical teams, ready to do everything they can to ensure you and your baby's safety during pregnancy and childbirth.

From the moment you are expecting to the days following the birth of your child, you can rest assured knowing your team of doctors and nurses are working behind the scenes with your best interests at heart. 

By hiring a birth doula, you are choosing to create a seamless experience, increasing the possibility that you and your birth partner can have a positive birth experience. 

Your Edmonton birth doula is on call from the time your contract is signed to the moments after a baby is born. 

During pregnancy, your doula is available for you around the clock for phone and email support, giving you peace of mind in knowing that your pregnancy, parenting, and childbirth questions are answered as they come up. 

happy couple finding out they are pregnant

You have our guarantee that a doula you know and trust will be answering the call and rushing to the hospital to stay by your side from the beginning to the end. 

The doctors and nurses that are available in our Edmonton hospitals are often monitoring multiple people in labour at any given time. Though they try to be there for you as you need them, the current healthcare system makes it difficult. 

Having a non-medical professional means you get your questions answered while they come up, your stress and worry within the birth room is decreased, and you gain confidence in knowing that a doctor or nurse is able to get there at lightning speed when you need them by having an intricate understanding of how the labour and delivery unit functions.  

A doula is there to make you and your birth partner look like pros. 

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...In Your Home

If the stars aligned and you received the call saying you were accepted into the care of a midwife- congrats! 

Doulas and midwives create a team of perfect harmony. You and your birth partner's experience will be elevated as you are pampered and cared for by your birth team. 


This is your time to shine. Let's get you to where you need to be within these unique Landmark Moments. 

Because Birth is a Landmark Moment

The Landmark Difference

At Landmark Doulas, we believe in providing you with the best the industry has to offer. Our doulas are expertly vetted through a series of interview processes and background checks. 

These Landmark Moments you are experiencing are monumental. Labour and delivery has the power to strengthen your family's foundation, and your doula is available to facilitate positive feelings between you and your birth partner. 

  • A team of doulas is available to you 24 hours a day. They work together during pregnancy to provide you with the most up-to-date information.

  • Our doulas all provide proof of training and certifications, police background checks, vulnerable sector checks, insurance, and credentials. They were pre-screened, giving you the confidence in knowing that your doula is the most qualified for your needs. 

  • Your doula is available to you from day one. We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from the moment your contract is signed until the moment you are holding your new baby.

  • Like all people, there are times where your doula is unable to support you, such as in sickness or during a family emergency. Having a team of doulas decreases your risk of having a doula who is unknown to you walk into your labour room. 

  • In the next-to-impossible chance that both of your doulas are unable to attend, you can rest assured knowing that a trusted colleague will seamlessly blend into your labour and birth.

  • Connection and communication is the key to your success. Your doula works to increase the connection between you and partner and open the communication between you and your doctors and nurses, creating a space for you to savour the intimate moments of labour. 

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Take control of your landmark moment with the personalized
knowledge and support of your landmark doula.


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