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The placenta is an amazing organ that provides everything your baby needs to grow during pregnancy. As more and more people are learning, the placenta may also help nurture mothers throughout the postpartum stage, providing nutrients that the body needs to overcome the emotional and physical challenges that many people experience after they've given birth.

People who have their placenta encapsulated for consumption often say that it improved their milk supply, helped them recover from childbirth more quickly, and reduced the severity of, or eliminated, postpartum depression.

The Encapsulation Process

Landmark Doulas LTD is pleased to offer placenta services to people in Edmonton, Drayton Valley and the surrounding areas. As part of our in-home encapsulation services, our postpartum placenta specialists will take the time to inform you about what is used with your placenta in the encapsulation process, and will perform the encapsulation in a highly sanitary, professional manner.

What You Receive

Transportation Kit - Includes cooler, icepacks, zipper seal baggies, labels and spill kit
Unmatched Sanitary Preparation - We take extra care to create a sanitary and safe place for your placenta to be processed
Our Postpartum Placenta Specialists are also trained postpartum doulas. They bring a personal touch and can answer questions or concerns while processing your placenta
In-home - Encapsulations are performed in our clients' homes to alleviate any concerns regarding the environment in which the placenta is prepared.

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Other Available Services

Other Available Services

  • Tinctures
  • Prints
  • Salves

If you would like to learn more about these services or are ready to book an encapsulation, please contact us.