Services Provided by a Birth Doula

Many people have a vision or a plan for the birth of their babies. But when they're flooded by emotions that range from excitement to fear, or they feel pressured to take a different course of action during labour, a birth experience can end up being very different from what they envisioned.

This is where a doula can play an important role both before and during the birth of your baby, by offering a wide range of services designed to educate you about pregnancy, labour, delivery, and newborn care. A doula will provide you with the information you need to stay in control of your birth while being a continuous source of unbiased support, no matter where your birth takes you.

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Our Services

Our Services

  • Prenatal Visits and Education
  • Support During Labour and Delivery
  • Support to Partner
  • Continuous Care
  • Optional Postpartum Visit

Take Charge of Your Birth Experience with the Help of a Landmark Doula

  • Assistance while creating your birth plan
  • Non-medical comfort measures throughout labour
  • Helps to create and maintain a calm birthing environment

In addition to the doula services provided during pregnancy, labour and birth, Landmark Doulas LTD also offers prenatal classes for an additional fee. For more information on our prenatal classes in Edmonton and Drayton Valley, you and your birth partners are encouraged to visit our childbirth education page.

If you would like to learn more about the doula services we offer, or are currently looking for a doula to support your Edmonton area birth, please contact us to book your consultation.

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