I Wouldn't Hire a Doula

I would hire a doula, Edmonton doulas

The story of my life is as unique as any other, and my birth experiences are no exception. Over the years, what I believed I needed while in labour has evolved.

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It's a Myth! Surrogacy in Canada

Edmonton Doula and Surrogate Myths in Canada

Like the work of doulas, surrogacy is often misunderstood. When meeting with my friend, Terra Landmark, owner of Landmark Doulas, we discussed common misconceptions and myths about both doulas and surrogacy within Canada.

Let’s get right to it!

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Unexpected Skills of a Doula

Edmonton Doula Skills

They are the friendly faces who ease the fears and uncertainty within birth and parenthood. A doula provides their clients with unique tools to build confidence and knowledge as the people begin their parenting journey.

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Why I Became a Doula | Terra Landmark

Growing up, I can remember two questions that were asked by the adults in my life. Adults like teachers and my parents' friends. “What do you want to be when you grow up,” and “Why do you want to be a (insert the career I chose at that exact moment in time)?”

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How I Manage to Do It All

 I can do it all | Edmonton Doula

I recently asked a group of friends and acquaintances to describe who I am in three words. Calm, nurturing, and honest are some popular ones which filled my heart. Then there were some surprising ones such as inspirational, empowering, and innovative. The three words that shocked me the most was does it all.

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 Surviving the First Year of Marriage

 What I learnt in our first year of marriage

2796 days ago I was looking through my closet, deciding what I wanted to wear. I settled on a pair of jeans, an adorable new black top, and some cute blue shoes. It was my first night out on the town since I became a new mom.

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